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Meet Jessi Eoin! Co-Founder of FAN

A colorful illustration of Jessi Eoin, a fat, white, nonbinary person with wavy brown hair and blue eyes sitting on a purple couch and drawing on a green tablet with an intense look on their face as they focus. They have purple bags under their eyes and furrowed eyebrows. They're wearing a nasal strip across the bridge of their nose, a purple sweater, and a long, blue skirt. Behind them is a yellow pillow, and next to them on the couch is a pair of black and white drawings on papers. One of the drawings shows a queer femme couple walking arm in arm, and the other shows a snake with flowers. Next to the couch is a green peperomia plant. The background is pink and yellow. On the right side, the pink side, is a white balloon showing what Jessi is drawing so intensely: a black and white drawing of a nude fat person with the word butt on it. On the left side, the yellow side, text appears in shades of purple and pink, handwritten font: "Jessi Eoin. Illustrations and Comics. And Butts."
Illustration of Jessi Eoin (they/them)
Artist Bio

Jessi Eoin (they/them) is an illustrator who loves making, reading, and talking about comics, and they have come to accept that this is probably how they would be lured by a kidnapper.

Hopes for the Fat Artist Network

My hopes for FAN are wide and varied, but I think what I'm most excited about is seeing a directory of fat artists from all kinds of backgrounds and having that directory empower art directors, commissioners, and other hiring professionals to hire fat artists for our phenomenal work. I greatly anticipate the day when this network opens up doors for all of our community, and I'm gonna keep working hard to make sure it comes true!

Artist Statement

Whether I put my stylus to tablet, micron pen to mixed media paper, or brush to watercolor paper, I am thinking about how to exalt my community. I imagine them embracing the celebration of their bellies and mobility aids brought to life in the curves of my line work. I imagine them relishing the reflection of their back rolls, ostomy bags, and body hair that blends gender identities.

I imagine their joy in reading fat, disabled characters leading fantastical lives in the pages of a comic I've created for them. I imagine them loving parts of themselves that they may have struggled to before. I imagine myself, too, in these ways, feeling glorified in the ways I revel in others. I've learned that to love others is to love myself, and I pour my heart into each piece to create a world where we exist in bountiful and abundant ways, where we are valued and cherished as we are.

Where to Find Jessi

The best way to keep up with my work is through my newsletter! You can subscribe at

You can also follow @jbeoin on IG and BlueSky; @jbeoin_ on Twitter

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