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106 Fat Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season!

A purple graphic announcing 106 Fat, Small-Owned Business to Support This Holiday Season! It features three images from the shops dom and bomb, Shoog McDaniel, and El Techichi above the text. Further text apears around the image reading, "Shop Fat, Shop Small,"

Looking for some small businesses to patron for your holiday gift giving? We've got you covered with this list of 106 fat small businesses to support this holiday season!

Whether you're in the mood for some thrifting, wanting to spruce up your bare apartment walls, or surprise a friend with a personalized illustration, there are tons of great fat-owned small businesses to check out!

Another way you can help out the fat artist community is to share this list with a friend!

106 Fat Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

A pink graphic announcing the accessories category. It features two images from the shops Radical Creatures and El Techichi above the text. Further text apears around the image reading, "Fat Small Businesses. Shop Fat, Shop Small,"


Embroidery in a round hoop painted cobalt blue. It represents two flowers, one is read and made with beads tubes, and the other one is pink and purple with a beaded center. There are sequins dispersed in the background, transparent with pink and blue highlights. The fabric is painted in different shades of pink.

Carnets Cosmiques 


I sell embroideries, handmade pins and brooches, prints and stickers. I am a rainbow and want to spread joy through my art. I also do commissions for brooches, embroidery, drawings and paintings

Carnets Cosmiques also offers accessories, apparel, commissions, home goods, and stationery!


Photo of a handmade blue resin tile in the artist's hand that reads "depressi spaghetti" with miniature clouds and letter beads.

Chaotic Good Jewelry Co. 

Maryland, United States

I'm a queer Baltimore-based artist and small business owner, and I make 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 in my shop by hand in my home studio. I founded Chaotic Good Jewelry Co. in 2019 after graduating from art school and feeling disenchanted by corporate America (yet bewitched by resin's versatility) and started out with just a few DIY molds and a few pairs my signature resin vampire fang earrings. Over the years, I've expanded my business into multiple on and off-body product categories, and have curated my female rage into a recognizable and ironic kidcore aesthetic, often incorporating my own poetry using plastic letter beads.

Chaotic Good Jewelry Co. also offers art!


Vic (owner/ maker behind crvftdaddydesigns) standing behind table at market with various types of embroidery from full pieces that focus on all body types to wearables such as hats and keychains.

Crvft Daddy Designs 

Washington D.C., United States

Hand embroidery pieces that focus on showcasing all bodies.

Crvft Daddy Designs also offers accessories, commissions, and home goods!


Images of a bracelet, necklace, and earrings with a background of 9 different colorful bursting stars against white. The jewelry is made of glass strawberry beads, freshwater pearls, glass leaves, and different lamp work glass beads. The necklace is half stainless steel curb chain with light green leaves and the other half is made of various green freshwater pearls, a light pink strawberry glass bead, a green and pink mushroom all connected together with a green vintage watch face in the center. The earrings are stainless steel lever backs with freshwater pearls, light pink strawberry glass beads, flower glass beads and light green leaf glass beads. The bracelet is made of various glass beads, various freshwater pearls, dark green glass leaves, light pink and light green flowers connected by stainless steel findings.


California, United States

My name is Elisends (they/them) and I am a disabled, genderless lesbian artist of Mexican-American descent. I make one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories alongside art prints (block printing) and stickers. Everything I create has been handmade with love and intention in my City Heights apartment on the Kumeyaay territory known as San Diego, CA. I sell all items on a sliding scale basis and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. I prioritize making all my accessories accessible to working class Black and brown fat people at all times.

EJGD Art also offers artwork and stationery!

The image depicts Omar, founder of El Techichi, wearing a blue to top and some of their hand made jewelry, which includes hoops and necklaces with gemstone beads in ranges of color from blue to pink to gray.

El Techichi

New York, United States

El Techichi Jewelry is handcrafted jewelry made from vintage and new materials with the intention of being gender neutral and maximalist. Founded and created by Omar Monroy (They/Them/She) to create a space for queer fat brown indigenous jewelry designers.

El Techichi also offers commissions!


Vintage, thrift, and secondhand rings in a variety of styles displayed on ring holders and a ceramic hand painted with blue tattoo art

Fat Lip Secondhand

Texas, United States

Auctions of Estate, Vintage, Thrift, and other Secondhand Rings in Fat Sizes! (US sizes 8 and up)


Black and white portrait of a white non-binary femme sticking out their tongue with a necklace that says “honey” laying on their tongue and the chains hanging from either side.

Fussy Louise

Pennsylvania, United States

I am a fat queer artist who makes non-binary, size inclusive jewelry and clothing. I am a metal worker and I handmake word charms for earrings, necklaces and rings. I am also a fiber artist and I hand embroider, bead and paint plus size clothes (size 2X and up only!)

Fussy Louise also offers commissions, apparel, and artwork!


Jacq (wearing glasses and a blue sweater smiling at the camera) stands behind their table at a market (specifically Fat Flea Market). Their table has a pink color scheme throughout with a table runner banner that has their logo and shop name 'JacqPins.' The table has various fake cake items (magnets, jewelry boxes, mirrors, wall decor), pins, earrings, mystery bags, stickers, and prints.


United States

JacqPins is a fat, queer, poc owned business that features pins, stickers, accessories, fake cakes & more!

In their shop you can find some items themed of The Office, Shrek, Anime, and original designs! They are currently phasing out fanart from their shop to focus on creating original designs, faux cake items, and custom items!

JacqPins also offers artwork, commissions, home decor, zines, and stationery!


An asymmetric pair of earrings, made from pale pink recycled glass, white howlite coin beads, clear vintage glass beads with gold detailing, pink opalite faceted crystal, and a polished rose quartz nugget. These are made with stainless steel hooks.

karmabeads studio

Ontario, Canada

I make fun, funky jewelry for fun, funky folk. I work primarily in semi-precious gemstones, recycled glass, Czech glass, and hand-twisted wire beads (that I make myself). I’m fat, queer, and non-binary, and all of my pieces are one of a kind.


a picture of blue and gold swirled set of dice, with a white background and a yellow calendula

Medusa's Hoard

Washington, United States

Resin jewelry, resin dice, bolo ties. hand made art using flowers, moss, and plants gathered in the pacific northwest... and glitter!

Medusa's Hoard also offers commissions!


Me (owner) wearing my vagina sharp earrings, with some of my products on the table in the picture. Picture credit @alejandrotakesphotoss.

Mimi's Creation Shop

I’m a Black, queer & nonbinary artist that makes body positive jewelry of different types, unique, and colorful. Along with other fun things, my speciality items are earrings. I work with polymers clay & glass beads. From food items to my specialty Vaginaz, Boobiez, thick body with stretch marks earrings. Also, I make bracelets, and pins. The jewelry I make starts a conversation about normalizing bodies of all types & shapes.


Laura wearing pink glittery earrings that say “BMI is Bullshit” in white block letters.

Radical Creatures

Victoria, Australia

Hi I’m Laura. I’m a fat-positive, non-diet dietitian from Geelong, Australia (Wadawurrung Country). I am also a Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician.

I am queer, neurodivergent and identify as small fat.

Radical Creatures is all about cute accessories for diet culture dropouts. I make statement acrylic earrings, pins, accessories and stickers, the majority of which have a body liberation/anti diet/fat positive theme, as well as some that are just pretty (think good, rainbows, flowers).

I am in the middle of a big rebrand and I’m launching on October 31st 2023. My business was previously called The Perfect Pear Earring Co and I’m best known for my Diet Culture Sucks collection. Moving forward I plan to make lots of resources and content around diet culture, weight stigma, body acceptance/liberation and busting myths around bodies and nutrition.

My cats Pretzel and Popcorn feature heavily on my social media accounts too hehe.

Radical Creatures also offers stickers!


A lot of my earrings feature genuine gemstones. Please feel free to message me for custom work!


Massachusetts, United States

SALVEJ (pronounced like salvage) is playful wearables made with care! I create earrings out of hand mixed and often brightly colored polymer clay, incorporating vintage charms, beads, and other fun details! I am inspired by art and nature, and I try to infuse my work with something I’ve lived my whole life by: not taking things too seriously. I love being able to meet customers who connect with my work, and I am so thankful to be in the funky earring community!

SALVEJ also offers artwork!


Pink craft fair table and canopy with a smiling woman sitting behind the table. Lots of adorable animal merchandise for sale in the craft booth.

SavvyDragon Art

Ohio, United States

Adorable animal illustrations and merchandise.

SavvyDragon Art also offers artwork, commissions, home goods, and stationery!


Five rainbow colored scrunchies are pictured on a white satin background

Unhinged Knits

United States

Knit goods and lino cut prints.

Unhinged Knits also offers commissions!


A yellow graphic announcing the apparel category. It features an image from the shop Flower Boy Ted above the text. Further text apears around the image reading, "Fat Small Businesses. Shop Fat, Shop Small,"


Artemis owner, Chelsea Rourke, a fat white person with blonde highlights, standing next to a rack of clothing and smiling.

Artemis Plus Size Thrift

Maine, United States

We are a plus size focused modern/vintage thrift shop located in South Portland, ME. We exist to represent fat bodies in thrifting and create an inclusive, fun shopping experience

Artemis Plus Size Thrift also offers accessories!


Curvy Thrift Co. Logo: A soft green with a white font.

Curvy Thrift Co.

Ontario, Canada

Plus size Thrift Shop. Fashion, but make it curvy.

Our goal is to make plus size fashion more accessible and affordable through upcycling gently used apparel. Everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin and clothing should be an extension of that. It’s not about the size you wear, but how you wear your size!

Curvy Thrift Co. also offers accessories!


Three models face the camera - one model in the middle is sitting on a stool. All models are wearing dom+bomb Knit Wide-Leg Overalls and Brick House t-shirts. The model on the left is Latinx with brown hair dyed blue at the tips. The two models on the right are Black, and the one sitting in the middle has glasses on. All models have a determined look on their faces.

dom + bomb

Washington, United States

dom+bomb is the Inland Northwest’s only size and gender-inclusive fashion brand. A black-woman and queer-woman owned business, we design ethically-produced, distinctly beautiful clothing in sizes 5XL-XS, along with tailoring, mending, and styling services. dom+bomb fights fatphobia and the gender binary by advocating for everyone to do what makes them feel joyful and comfortable, including wearing clothes that help them feel good.

dom + bomb also offers accessories and tailoring and styling services!


Ethical Bidies owner, Maura Hampton standing near a clothing rack filled with plus size vintage.

Ethical Bodies

Missouri, United States

Vintage and Modern clothing in sizes XL-4X


A booth setup at a vending show with a sign that reads “fat and habitat” “plus size vintage and home.” There is a brightly colored child’s snowsuit on a rack in front with racks out back filled with plus size adult clothing.

Fat and Habitat

New Hampshire, United States

We sell vintage clothing, home goods and upcycled merch (block printed, thrifted tees and sweatshirts).

Fat and Habitat also offers accessories and shoes!


Our top selling item is the variety pack of the belly fold liners. Each pack comes with a 12, 16, and 20 inch belly fold liner.

Fat Self-Care

Oregon, United States

Fat Self-Care is an information hub, and a store for fat self-care tools. We create 3 sizes of belly fold liners, we also offer under boob liners, decals for your car to make sure folks know you need space, are fat, and don’t want to dent their car. We offer a journal for unpacking internalized fat- phobia because fat is NOT a feeling, and pro fat stickers. And we have a fat self-care digital monthly club that meets 3 times a month. was founded by Anna Chapman.

Fat Self-Care also offers accessories, artwork, games, and self-care products!


Brenna, a-kinda-tall-kinda-fat-woman is standing in a red dress holding a vintage beaded bag. She’s wearing clunky black grandpa shoes in her living room

Fat Sisters Vintage and Consignment


We want to change the shopping experience for our fat friends.

Fat Sisters Vintage and Consignment also offers accessories and shoes!


A fat woman wears an upcycled tshirt dress. It says his loss in large text made of fabric scraps and has a pink tulle trim. She looks pleased with herself


United Kingdom

Upcycled clothing and accessories with subversive messaging about what it's like to live as anything but a cis het white man. I buy/make items in large sizes first, smaller items available by request/old stock.

Fed_Upcycle also offers artwork, accessories, commissions, and shoes!


Photo facing a brightly lit booth with three racks full of bright colorful clothes. A handpainted sign on the wall above the furthest rack reads “femme & nest” with a logo of a shallow wooden bowl containing three blue eggs. A waist-high bookcase holds shoes, wallets, and small purses. Above it, hanging from the closest rack is a circular handpainted sign that reads “XL+”.

Femme and Nest

Connecticut, United States

Femme & Nest has been slinging vintage for many bodies since 2018! Founded on the belief that small details can help create joy, we carry vintage clothing in sizes XXS-6XL with 70% of our stock being sizes XL+. Femme & Nest specializes in clothing from the 60’s-90’s. We also carry accessories, weird art, jewelry, and other small delights! Currently in the process of opening a brick & mortar in Mystic, CT (open in Nov!).

Femme and Nest also offers accessories, artwork, and home decor!


Photo of several bum bags I have made in the different color options, bright orange, holographic, pink birds of paradise. The bags are photographed on my cutting mat.

FITSO Plus Size

Minnesota, United States

I am the owner/designer of FITSO; plus size casual wear in sizes 0x-7x with a focus on better fitting clothes in key problem areas, like necklines, arm width and hip width. We recently were given 2 awards, will be at Knockout PDX, & Philly Fatcon in the coming weeks!

Our current best seller is our Fanny pack/bum bag which extends to 72” and comes in a few color options

FITSO Plus Size also offers accessories!


three fat folks, holding flowers, lounging in lace dresses in various shades of green.

Flower Boy Ted

Handmade, wearable fiber art in sizes 4XL-6XL.

Flower Boy Ted also offers artwork and commissions!


Size inclusive merch shown in a grid pattern. There shirts are all t-shirts with various designs on them.

Go North Designs

New York, United States

Size inclusive (up to 5x) shirts and sweatshirts.


The image shows two pictures of a fat white non-binary femme wearing a silver velvet dress against a dark background, with a silver glitter trim around both photos.

Heavy Duty Vintage

Washington, United States

Formally created by Kim Selling in 2020, Heavy Duty Vintage is a haven of body-affirming and gender-affirming vintage and secondhand goods for fat people, queer people, and fat queer people. Kim first began selling clothing back in 2006 on eBay, which they did until 2012, then switched to Etsy under the name Drop Out City Vintage — a name they kept through 2020, when Heavy Duty Vintage was born. Kim is also the co-creator of More Fats More Femmes, a Seattle-based vintage market event series specifically serving a plus-size customer base.


Handmade crochet crop top in a rainbow design lined with white. Details include white straps that are adjustable in the back. Pictured is a size XL.

Hidden Bliss Creations

Virginia, United States

Hi! My names Devon and I run a queer owned small business called Hidden Bliss Creations. I specialize in anything and everything crochet. Creating a brand that is inclusive is top priority. Any support is appreciated!

Hidden Bliss Creations also offers accessories!


Four women standing together in a flowering anola field. They are wearing floral underwear and bright earrings. Two are darker skinned, one is redheaded and one is older with grey streaks in her long blonde hair. All four women look happy.

Hubba Hubba

Cape Town, South Africa

Hubba Hubba makes fun, deliciously comfortable underwear for all bodies. Currently ladies underwear in sizes XS-10XL, but growing fast.


Shoppers in a plus size resale store.

I Want Seconds

Oregon, United States

We are a plus size resale shop. Our goal is to keep plus size fashion attainable not only physically but financially.

I Want Seconds also offers accessories, artwork, home goods, shoes, and stationery!


A welcoming photo of a the plus size owner in front of her business. She is wearing a tan sweater and jean and holding a coffee mug that stays hello gorgeous.


California, United States

Opulence is a size include women's clothing business. We specialize in diversity and inclusion.


Photo of two palm tree mirrors and proud mary pink neon sign

Proud Mary Fashion

California, United States

We’re an LA based plus size brand and shop that makes our own slow fashion line up to 6X, curates and specializes in plus size vintage, carries other indie designers, and hosts fat-centered events.

Proud Mary Fashion also offers accessories, home decor, and stationery!


Business logo for re.Find; a thin red circle encases the company name, along with the words modern and vintage.

re.Find Plus

Massachusetts, United States

re.Find Plus offers vintage & modern clothing in sizes XL through 4X. A majority of the items are pre-owned with a continued effort to save clothing from landfills and give them new lives!

re.Find Plus also offers accessories and shoes!


A fat person wearing a bright blue tunic with short sleeves and checkered pants swinging a bright yellow tote bag.

Shift + Wheeler

Oregon, United States

We make natural fiber clothing, specializing in plus sizes, and canvas and waxed canvas bags!

Shift + Wheeler also offers accessories!


The Thicket’s pop-up shop at a vintage event.

The Thicket

Massachusetts, United States

The Thicket sells hand-picked clothing for fat folks—vintage, quirky, upcycled & affordable secondhand fashion, sized Large and up!

The Thicket also offers accessories and home decor!


Deidre, owner of Thova, wears a brown and black dotted maxi dress while holding a poster of her business logo at an indoor vintage market.


Massachusetts, United States

Curated plus size vintage and thrifted clothing.


Victoria, a fat white woman with copper hair, wears Belfort, a hand knit pullover with lace yoke detail in burnt orange.

Victoria Marchant Knits

United Kingdom

Size & Shape Inclusive Knitting Patterns.

Victoria Marchant Knits also offers digital kitting patterns!


Plus size model with blonde pulled back hair wearing orange pink and purple cotton mini dress with pockets and off shoulder sleeves.

We Are Golden Hour

Victoria, Australia

We Are Golden Hour is a fat and queer run plus size fashion label based in Melbourne, Australia. We believe that looking and feeling fierce has absolutely no size and as a community we refuse to only rock what we've been given by large outlets, designed by straight sized people. We deserve to feel the warmth and shine of what Golden Hour brings.

We Are Golden Hour also offers accessories!


Three plus size models wearing clothing from What Lo Wants.

What Lo Wants

California, United States

High-quality, ethically made pieces that celebrate plus size bodies. Sizes 12-32. Made in Los Angeles, CA.


A yellow graphic announcing the art category. It features five images from the shops Shoog McDaniel, JenIsLove, Chaotic Good Jewelry Co., Yerpers, and Wild Moon Craft above the text. Further text apears around the image reading, "Fat Small Businesses. Shop Fat, Shop Small,"


A watercolour painting of a fat femme sitting on their knees, with one arm bent over their head. The figure is drawn in loose, loopy continuous lines accenting the figures curves and rolls. The piece is painted with large swatches of crimson and rose colours, blue shading, and sparkly gold accents.

Allison Tunis Art

Alberta, Canada

Allison Tunis (she/they) is a visual artist, art therapist, and community arts facilitator who works in many mediums, including painting, printmaking, and fibre arts. Their works seek to explore themes of personal and community healing through the art process and look to challenge norms and expectations around marginalized bodies – with a specific focus on queer, fat, and disabled experiences.

Allison Tunis Art also offers commissions and stationery!


Amata Doods: original abstract designs on prints, stickers, and wood engravings.

Amata Doods

Missouri, United States

Original abstract designs as prints, stickers, and wood engravings. Designs focus on the invisible world, the origin of consciousness, and mental health.

Amata Doods also offers stationery!


CaraBella set up for an event with art, prints, stickers and hand painted home decor.

CaraaBellla/Madame's Oddities

Virginia, United States

My name is CaraBella and I am an alternative artist who owns Madame’s Oddities. We offer alternative art, jewelry, home decor & more. We strive to acceptance of all art forms and artists without prejudice.

CaraaBellla/Madame's Oddities also offers accessories, apparel, art, commissions, home decor, and stationery!


Acrylic painting of two figures seated crossing legs on the Subway in New York. One figure holds a Cala Lily flower.

Darrah Robinson Art

California, United States

I’m a fat female artist who sells original paintings and prints. My work is centered around self-reflection, self-accountability, and learning to embrace and build community.


Original artwork painted on mini canvases displayed on mini wooden easels

Faith Costa Original Artwork

New Jersey, United States

Faith Costa Original Artwork is a New Jersey based artist who focuses on painting. Faith is known for her iconic "Minis," which are original acrylic paintings on miniature stretched canvases with miniature display wooden easels! Hand painted earrings and bookmarks are some of the unique hidden gems of Faith's shop. From landscapes, flowers, animals and even some darker subjects, Faith's work aims to make you feel.


Fatties by Katy Maslow, featuring watercolors and paintings of fat bods.


California, United States

Fat art by a fat artist.

Fatties also offers home decor!


Real light green luna moth mounted on top of pressed baby's breath and lavender flours in a 5 x 7 black shadow box frame with a black background

Fluttering Frames

New York, US

Fluttering Frames sells environmentally/ecologically sustainable butterfly & moth taxidermy art and jewelry. This business aims to promote butterfly conservation and education while supporting butterfly farmers/breeders who release a percentage of their butterflies into the wild for conservation efforts. 15% of all proceeds goes to supporting monarch butterfly conservation efforts and each purchases comes with milkweed seeds to plant.

Fluttering Frames also offers jewelry!


One of my original art pieces depicting a circle of fat mushroom folks dancing on a hollow log surrounded by fireflies.

Fugitive Rabbit: Artwork by Ruby

New York, US

I specialize in colorful, magical art featuring fat folks. I believe that fantasy art especially has been lacking in body diversity and I hope to change that.

Fugitive Rabbit: Artwork by Ruby also offers comissions, pins, buttons, and stickers!


Fat bitch is cross stitched with black thread and three purple hearts are below the words and it is in a thick frame that’s light blue with faint gold streaks.

Hello Cross Stitches

Minnesota, US

I make cute and sassy cross stitches and put them in a mix of new and vintage frames. My creations are filled hearts and flowers and cuss words.

Hello Cross Stitches also offers commissions, home decor, keychains, and fiber arts!


A ceramic bottle on a white background. The bottle features a drawing of two fat trans sapphics embracing against a background of soft pastel watercolors. Serif text above them reads “THE LOVERS” and they are surrounded by a ribbon-wrapped frame.

Holystone Studio

Massachusetts, United States

Holystone Studio is a small pottery and folk art atelier on Cape Cod.

HolyStone Studio also offers accessories and home goods!


Analog collage featuring a maroon gingham pattern border with a green and white polka dotted background.  There are four sunflowers along the bottom of the collage.  A large image of a fox’s face wearing a light green bow and a darker green bow on their head is the central image.


Pennsylvania, United States

JenIsForLove sells originals, stickers, and prints of her collages and books of her illustrations.

JenIsForLove also offers commissions, stationery, and other goods!


Page four of four of the comic the (tiny) friend by Jessi Eoin. The color palette is a bright daytime palette with blues, greens, yellows, purples, and pinks. Panel 1: Fireflies fly over the dandelion buds, using their own magic to help the buds bloom, making it much less work with just one firefly per flower. Panel 2: A fairy flies out of her home in the morning, looking despondent and sighing. Panel 3: The fairy notices the flowers and puts a hand to her mouth in surprise. A speech bubble shows two exclamation marks. Panel 4: The fairy floats over a patch of fully bloomed dandelions with bright yellow flowers. She looks so happy, and there's a speech bubble with a heart and an exclamation mark in it. Two fireflies and the ladybug look back at her happily too, each with their own speech bubble with a heart in it. Yellow text at the bottom right reads, "the beginning," a play on "the end."

Jessi Eoin 

so-called United States

Jessi Eoin (they/them) is a comic artist, illustrator, and writer whose work focuses on uplifting fat, disabled, queer, and trans people.

In their shop this year, you'll find comics, zines, original paintings, and stickers, and they're also available for sequential art servies, personal and commercial commissions, licensing, and editorial services!

Jessi Eoin also offers commissions, literature, and services!


An image of three hand embroidery pieces displayed in their hoops. One says "BDSM Bees Do So Much For the Environment" with a bee, flowers, and leaves on a blue background. The second piece says "It's Not A Whore House, It's A Whore Home" with a pink heart and leaves underneath the text on a green background. The third piece is a wildflower bouquet on a yellow background.

Lonely Mountain

British Columbia, Canada

Lonely Mountain Embroidery creates distinctive works of handmade embroidery hoop art to fit every budget. A mix of modern sass and vintage charm, there's something for everybody! Commissions and custom pieces welcome.

Lonely Mountain also offers commissions and home goods!


Nic is holding two of their carved linoleum block prints that both say "Fuck Your Fatphobia" within the shape of a fat body with stretch marks. The words and body are in black ink on top of pieces of paper from a Christian diet book and a second diet book. The background is a blue sky with tree tops.

Nic Art & Design

Nic (they/them) from Nic Art & Design is a fat, trans-nonbinary, disabled human who creates art centering fat, queer, and trans bodies and intimacy. They explore sex positivity, fat liberation, and community building through printmaking, digital painting, and graphic design.

Nic Art & Design also offers apparel, commissions, and stationery!


Screenshot of etsy page featuring book and journal forms.

Pocket Possum Books

Mississippi, United States

I make handmade books and journals using a variety of found materials, as well as printmaking and alternative photography prints!


Glass mushroom safe for indoor/outdoor use. The cap is red, and the stalk is green, and it's planted in the dirt by a tree.


Pennsylvania, United States

Fat, queer femme making art on the Land of the Lenni Lenape. I love to make art for people to f**k with! Glass (furnace and boro), ceramics and embroidery.

QueerlyMade also offers commissions, home goods, and other goods!


A collaged purple person floating in the water.

Shoog McDaniel

Florida, United States

I make fat queer and trans art in the swamps of Florida, photographs, stickers, watercolors, mixed media representations of fat babes and animals communing with nature. I also sell hats I design with pictures and slogans about being a nature-loving freak.

Shoog McDaniel also offers apparel and stationery!


A pile of watercolour paintings spread out, they feature all kinds of erotic scenarios involving fat subjects, the style is loose, naive and illustrative.


London, England

I sell prints zines comics and other printed matter! I make Erotic Art With a Heart. My MO is erotica that is unusual funny tender and colourful, always.

SPUNK ROCK also offers commissions, home goods, literature, and stationery!


Pictured is a pop-up table set up outside of Higher Self in Portland, OR. Arranged on the table are a selection of goods from Stitchney Spears. There are stickers in the front, some original paintings and embroidered pieces, crochet headbands, hand stitched keychains and necklaces. A scarf and holographic prints are also visible. Everything is colorful and bright, with lots of sparkles to boot!

Stitchney Spears

Oregon, United States

I created Stitchney Spears in 2019 as a platform to showcase my colorful creative style through fiber arts & mixed media. The majority of items I sell are handmade wall art, accessories, and stickers! Many of my stickers portray my handmade artwork. 

I believe that everyone needs art in their home & lives, and my hope with the pieces I offer is to bring joyfully made, visually stimulating, textural art to fellow working class folks for affordable prices.

Stitchney Spears also offers accessories, home goods, and stationery!


An abstract treehouse inspired by the one in Ari Aster's film Hereditary depicted in magenta and purple surrounding by trees in the same color that seem to be moving with life. The treehouse has a window, and a light appears to be on.

Tenebre Press

Virginia, United States

Tenebre Press produces notebooks and canvases with designs inspired by your favorite horror, thriller, and mystery films.

Other types of merchandise related to the horror, thriller, and mystery genres often make direct references to movies. For example, a design related to A Nightmare on Elm Street might depict a realistic glove with razors. In contrast, my approach creatively interprets various elements of these films, whether a particular scene, character, production design, sound design, editing, cinematography, theme, or another feature, This method promotes conversation and crafts classic, timeless patterns that can appear in diverse design and workplace spaces.

My love of horror started early when my cousin snuck me into a midnight showing of A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge. Of course, this was unbeknownst to my parents, as I was six years old! Nonetheless, I had the best time, and it's still one of my favorite horror movies to rewatch every Halloween. I'm now an English professor at a university in Virginia, where I teach and write about all things horror, thriller, mystery, and gothic. In an effort to do something different from my job, I have begun this shop. I look forward to producing new concepts that you will enjoy as much as I do!

The name Tenebre Press refers to two ideas. First, it's the title of one of my favorite films from my favorite horror film director Dario Argento. Second, it's Italian for darkness, which seems appropriate for the contents of my shop!

Tenebre Press also offers stationery!


An expressionist painting of a fat figure side profile with a dark blue background. Tasteful nude image showing the stomach apron and back rolls.


Texas, United States

This is a place to: See beautiful, abstract expressions of rich colors | Witness portraits of gorgeous, REAL bodies of all sizes and in the future, all colors and gender identities | Shop for yourself and for others | Get started on a home remodel project as unique and stylish as you | Learn about Artful Liberation | Find community.

TRNSLATE Studio also offers accessories, commissions, home goods, stationery, and other goods!


Watercolor sketch of a black trabant car with a mohawk on top.

Viktoria Night Art

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Portraits of people, pets, and buildings done in a humorous and/or colorful way.

Viktoria Night Art also offers commissions!


Mixed media painting of a femme-presenting body, an abstracted nude torso viewed from behind, showing the curve of the neck down to the lower back. Painted in magenta and pinks with blue outlines and yellow textured paint at the edges of the canvas.

Wild Moon Craft

Art & crafts. I use arts-based mindfulness techniques, Tarot, Reiki and other embodied spiritual (but not religious) practices to create art with the philosophy that art heals and helps us manifest change.

Wild Moon Craft also offers literature!


Photo of a white ceramic mug taken during golden hour. It is sitting on a wooden shelf, and reads "Gay Cowboy! Yeehaw!" in carved lettering. The lettering is carved upon a cow print background.

WormWorks Ceramics

Virginia, United States

Wormworks Ceramics is a pottery business run by Hermie Jackson, a Dominican-Cuban, fat, trans person based out of Richmond, Va. Wormworks is dedicated to making bold, queer, and silly statement pieces so folks can be loud and proud when they don't feel like talkin.


A framed needlepoint artwork that says "Fat Bodies are Beautiful and Holy" and has four yellow flowers stitched on it.


Ontario, Canada

Yerpers is a crafty queer business. We are Mylo and Becca, two married queers living on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island, also known as Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. We love making eclectic needlepoint art and fun graphic designs. Along the way, we try to infuse our values of queer celebration and communal liberation into everything we make, because we believe art is political and is an essential component of thriving communities.

Yerpers also offers accessories, commissions, home goods, and stationery!


A green graphic announcing the home goods category. It features an image from the shop Wormworks Ceramics above the text. Further text apears around the image reading, "Fat Small Businesses. Shop Fat, Shop Small,"

Home Goods

Candles, wax melts, incense, room sprays in a photo grid.

13 Moons Aromatics

Georgia, United States

Custom blended clean home fragrances people and pet safe.


Several corner samples of picture frame moulding in a rainbow of colors.

All for Show

Florida, United States

I am a custom picture framer that also produces my own lines of colorful moulding.


AmpleFolk founder Holly, a large fat AFAB woman laughs at the camera wearing a white plus-size towel.

Ample Folk


AmpleFolk helps the one billion plus-size people on the planet embrace their bodies...just as they are! We sells high-quality, carefully designed products starting with towels made especially for plus-size people. We have robes and more coming soon! 

Ample Folk also offers apparel, home goods, and other goods!


Paper machè bunny wall hanging with key hook.

Chet and Dot

Oregon, United States

Handmade heirlooms made using sustainable and locally sourced materials. Chet and Dot makes paper machè, wool and wood products for kids, gift and home.

Chet and Dot also offers accessories, stationery, and other goods!


A ceramic sculpture of a fat torso in a black frame. The sculpture is red, has pendulous breasts and stretch marks on their belly.

Corpse Wax

Kent, England

I am a fat artist making dark art which features fat bodies. I sell my hand built ceramic busts and sculptures, make shadow boxes from my sculptures, and sell prints of my artwork which centralise fat nudity and the dark arts. I try not to limit myself and just create what I need to express in the moment, so my work is available in a variety of different mediums. I want to showcase the diversity of fat bodies in a haunting way that brings people a sense of self acceptance.

Corpse Wax also offers accessories, art, commissions, and stationery!


A medium brown bookcase filled with colorful vibrators. On the wall are two pop-art inspired paintings depicting Batman’s and robin kissing and wonder woman with a vibrator.